Payroll Support

Pinnacle Payroll Team Assists With the Implementation of A New System

At Pinnacle Human Resources, we keep bringing you better ways of meeting the challenge of accomplishing company-wide initiatives with limited resources. By partnering with the Pinnacle Payroll team, we offer you the advantage of combined knowledge and expertise in the selection and implementation of the right payroll solution for your company. As leaders in our field, you can rely on us to make best-in-class solutions available and keep your internal resources focused on daily activities.

You can count on Pinnacle Human Resources to save you time and money during the research, selection and implementation phases of an payroll project. Whether your company is a first-time user of payroll or are considering an upgrade, our team can help you:

  • Select an payroll product suited to the needs of your business
  • Avoid mistakes and complications when structuring HR data before/during implementation
  • Reduce errors and improve data quality in populating data fields
  • Transition from a PEO model
  • Help ensure internal staff is trained properly on the new payroll system

With our expertise, Pinnacle Human Resources can implement and oversee a solution that reduces your overall labor costs while it increasing your productivity. We can help you:

  • Decrease costly vendor assistance
  • Allow internal staff to focus on strategic functions
  • Train the HR team to pro-act to data instead of react
  • Improve project/product quality resulting in cost savings
  • Reduce indirect expenses associated with vendor-related fees

By using our dedicated Payroll team on-site working alongside with the payroll vendor, the quality of your payroll implementation will dramatically improve. We can help you:

  • Align the HR process maps to the company’s policies and culture
  • Improve the overall integrity of process mapping
  • Integrate the system with existing systems, where necessary
  • Provide seamless payroll delivery to your employees
  • Utilize new payroll functions