Merger & Acquisition Support

Merger & Acquisition is often cited by business as an important and strategic growth strategy. As business environments become more complex, some companies are able to take advantage of available opportunities to acquire or merge with others in similar or complementary industries.

Data shows that due to economic conditions and an aging workforce, the level of Merger & Acquisition activity is set to increase. Key reasons for Merger & Acquisition include succession planning, geographic or customer market extension, enhancing business capacity through increased production, sales or distribution ability, or acquiring technical talent and product knowledge that would take too long to develop in-house.

Unfortunately, Merger & Acquisition strategy is not risk free, and in fact research consistently shows that results are often less than anticipated. For example:

  • 75 percent of Merger & Acquisition’s fail or turn out to be disappointments
  • 50 percent of Merger & Acquisition’s lead to lower productivity during the first 4-8 months
  • Almost 50 percent of key people in target companies leave within the first 12

(Source: CFO Magazine, Business Week, Fortune)

Pinnacle Human Resources, LLC as Merger & Acquisition Business Partner

We believe a successful Merger & Acquisition strategy requires the implementation of a comprehensive human resources analysis and a strong HR strategic plan. Pinnacle Human Resources acts as a business partner in implementing the strategy in the Merger & Acquisition plans.

Our consultants are experienced in:

  • Analyzing Merger & Acquisition strategy from a people and leadership point of view
  • Perform Compensation & Benefit Analysis
  • Perform Employment Law risks
  • Assessing people and teams against the capability model
  • Selecting Integration Manager and project teams
  • Coaching key people in new roles
  • Developing existing capabilities and new behaviors
  • Recruiting missing capabilities
  • Mitigating risks in employment law compliance and HR best practices
  • Implementing change management and organization development