Organizational Development

What is Organizational Development?

There is no single definition of "Organizational Development." If we were to break it into its parts we can discover one meaning: "Organization" has come to mean the coming together of people and resources to form a unit. "Development" in its simplest form suggests change and growth. So OD could be defined as "the practice of changing people and organizations for positive growth."

In practice, Organizational Development can take on many forms, and typical OD activities can include some of the following:


Structural Alignment:

Functional Relationship Development, Job Descriptions, Reporting Relationships, Desk Audit

Cultural Alignment:

Mission Vision, Values, Change Management, Culture/DEI Surveys

Management/Leadership Competency:

Career Development, Coaching and Training, Engagement Surveys

Team Alignment:

Team Building, Talent Management

Individual Alignment:

Training, E-Learning, Talent Management, Career Development, Coaching

Strategic Planning:

Succession, Career Mapping, Work Flow Analysis, "Work of Leaders" Assessments

Our Organization Development Practitioners help companies manage change and align people, process and practices for success.

In its simplest form, OD work aims to be a catalyst that helps your organization get from where it is today (point A) to its desired state (Point B).

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