The Leave Administrators

The Leave Administrators offer clients a Dedicated Team who are SHRM Certified and FMLA Certified Professionals with 25+ years of Leave Administration experience. 

The Leave Administrators is a cloud-based SaaS solution. Our HR pros have decades of experience with communicating with employees about their leaves, complying with state and federal rules and laws and handling case management. 

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)  

  • Tracking medical certifications 

  • Keeping compliant with all FMLA paperwork, Assisting with eligibility requirements.  

  • Tracking employees during intermittent leave and return 

  • COVID-19 tracking 

ADA Guidance

  • Accommodation Requests 

  • Fitness for Duty  


Short Term Disability  

  • Interface with DBL carriers,  

  • Full Disability case management 


Other Paid Leave  

  • Interface with PFL carriers 

  • Full PFL case management 

  • Other Federal and State paid leave management 

  • Tracking intermittent leave 


Other HR Services

  • Return-to-Work policies and procedures 

  • Light Duty policies and procedures 

  • Termination Guidance 

  • Managerial Training 

  • Leave Policies and procedures 

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