Public Sector HR Support

Services Designed for the Public Sector

At Pinnacle Human Resources, LLC, we're committed to providing complete, integrated human resource services to Cities, Towns and Government agencies. With a team of HR professionals with extensive experience in the public sector, we're prepared to maximize the productivity of your personnel and create positive results through effective labor relations.

Over the last decade, the workforce has evolved and so has HR management. Likewise, we changed with the times to help Cities, Towns and Government agencies hire, train and retain the best employees. As a result, Pinnacle HR Public Sector Consultants remain on the leading edge of public section human resources issues, tackling HR challenges that are more complex than ever.

New Trend – Human Resources On-Site HR Services as an Economic Strategy for the Public Sector

The current economic climate and the number of employees headed towards retirement have forced the public sector to explore tactics to remain competitive. Outsourcing of certain functions is an increasing popular way to lower costs and improve the focus on delivery of support services.

To meet the constant challenge to be competitive a government agency needs to:

  • Provide compensation analysis
  • Provide value services at the lowest cost
  • Assist with leave administration
  • Focus time and resources on the agency’s core
  • Reduce the burden to the benefits/pension system

This creates a powerful argument in favor of using the on-site consulting services model for all non-core functions. On-site consulting can benefit Cities, Towns and Government Agencies with lower costs and greater ability to handle issues related to Personnel Management and Labor Relations. Our team draws from their many years of experience and knowledge in dealing with and interpreting Taylor Law, Civil Service laws, various Collective Bargaining Agreements, along with negotiations with Police, Fire and other collective bargaining Units. The Agency, City or Town government will become free to focus on core competencies - the services they deliver to the public.

*Pinnacle HR, LLC is a National and NYS certified WBE #55656, engaging us can help diversify your supply chain goals.