Talent Acquisition Support

Connect with top talent that can transform your business

Although we are not a “staffing firm”, our HR consultants have many years’ experience in finding talent for their clients by leveraging behavioral interviewing techniques, cultural awareness and their deep understanding of people. We work on each search as your HR Manager, who understands your business and finds employees who can bring value to their roles.

Whether you have a well-established staffing process or you're just starting out, we can connect your company to hard-to-find and highly sought-after candidates nationwide. Many times, we are able to alleviate the negative effects of an underperforming employee by replacing the employee with better talent. Maybe you only need to staff-up for a certain period of time.

A Pinnacle HR consultant can identify, interview, screen and present the very best candidates for your consideration as you need them. And unlike staffing services, our pricing is many times on an hourly basis, not a percentage of the annual salary for the position you're trying to fill. We help you find hidden, qualified candidates in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our sourcing consultants use all the latest sourcing methods plus their well-established networks and connections to identify and connect you to top-notch talent nationwide.

Other Services:

  • Background checks
  • Skills-based assessments
  • Personality and cognitive assessments
  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Onboarding and Orientation programs

Request for Talent Acquisition Services: sales@pinnaclehrllc.com

Job Seeker: Send your resume to admin@pinnaclehrllc.com