Training and Coaching

Employee training is essential for an organization’s success. Despite the importance of training, a trainer can encounter resistance from both employees and managers. Both groups may claim that training is taking them away from their work. However, a trainer can combat this by demonstrating that training is actually a crucial part of employees’ and managers’ work.

Training is crucial because it:

  • Educates workers about the effective use of technology
  • Ensures competitive edge in the market
  • Promotes safety and health among employees
  • Creates opportunities for career development and personal growth, an important factor in retaining workers
  • Helps employers comply with laws and regulations
  • Improves productivity and profitability

We offer a wide variety of trainings designed for Managers and your entire Workforce. We train on almost any HR topic- our most popular training requests - Harassment, FMLA, Dealing with Difficult Employees and Smart Hiring Techniques. With a reputation for applying training examples to real-life scenarios, attendees are taught to use their learning in the daily worklife. Trainings are available on-site or via webinar.

Our Executive Coaching Team is fully committed to our clients achieving their desired results. We don’t confuse efforts with results. Key focus in achieving your desired results occurs as a consequence of a change in perspective (paradigm shift).

Our coaches apply knowledge of how coaching impacts business operations, corporate culture and decision-making that develops, expands and refines leadership skills and abilities for success. This is achieved through a guided process of self-discovery that raises self-awareness in your daily activities and interactions around you. By taking ownership for personal responsibility in your success, you will identify and embrace “best practice” winning responses that will lead to effortless achievement of the results you desire.

At Pinnacle HR, we believe our Executive Coaching Services is best achieved through a series of incremental results that build upon one another. By “keeping it simple” we will use our energy most wisely so as to “enjoy the journey and achieve your results”. Coaching begins with an initial 30-45 minute discovery meeting to create a coaching schedule to move forward. The frequency of coaching sessions and agreed to goals are outlined and committed to by both parties.

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