5-22-19 Sexual Harassment Training for NYS Employers and their Employees

Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 12:00 PM

Berkshire Bank

30 S Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12207


Did you know that ALL employers in New York State are required to provide all current and new employees with sexual harassment prevention training?  We understand how overwhelming the new sexual harassment prevention regulations can be.  We want to help with the mandate to deliver sexual harassment training to your managers & staff by October 2019.   

  • The training program meets & exceeds all mandated content & training requirements found in Section 201-g of NYS Labor Law.  
  • The program is delivered by certified HR professionals from the largest HR firm in the region.
  • The program is designed to train all employees during the first hour, with a special supervisory session at the end.  Allocate 1 hour for the first portion and ½ hour for the second portion of this training.
  • We will be holding these trainings regularly so you can minimize the disruption by sending a few employees at a time. 
  • Companies & organizations will be provided documentation that they have delivered training to all their employees.
  • The HR Consultant is available to advise on handbook changes, the mandated complaint form and other HR-related questions.