Webinar: Practical Guide to Harassment/Discrimination Prevention – Our History and Our Future

Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 1:30 PM


So you’re up on all the new laws, you’ve participated in sexual harassment prevention training, and you’ve updated your handbook.  Now what?

This session will explore the historical aspects of harassment and discrimination that let us to this point.  We will review the organizational elements that existed in the past.  We will review current societal trends and current expectations impact companies.  Plus we will talk about what internal mechanisms and organizational changes can take place in companies that truly believe in a work place free of harassment and discrimination.  In the end, we will discuss the benefits of a culture that leads with respect and dignity for all.

Agenda for this session

·       History of sexual harassment in the workplace
·       Organizational barriers to prevention
·       Legal, finance, HR’s involvement
·       Societal shifts and surveys
·       Current events
·       Organizational changes in support of anti-harassment
·       What’s culture got to do with it – Culture Audits
·       Benefits from change